gold price today decline in india & hyderabad 2013 reason


gold is the precious metal since olden days. this precious metal got a lot of demand since these three days even from middle class people the reason behind this is that there is steep decrease in the gold price

There is no such a drop in price of gold since 1983. gold priceswhich have crashed almost to 20 percent from a record of from 32,500 INR per 10gram to range of 25,000 INR per 10gram of gold 
gold prices however hit an almost three year low of 25,000, 20 percent down from the record high of Rs.32,500/- on wednesday

since september the gold price is around 32,000 INR per 10 grams so as it is in the analysis it got down from all over 32000 to 25000.

so people found it the right time for buying it so it made the gold more demand in these three days there is crowd all over the jewellery shop. the gold sellers find difficult in decrease of gold price so most of shops were closed. and there is queues in some of the shops which was opened.

there is 10-15 tonnes of gold has been sold in these three days. the price recovered towards the end of the week on the back of retail buying. gold traded at around 27,100 on saturday.                                                             

the prices got down this year after 12 consecutive years of gain.
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good post, now a days every one is looking for daily gold rates, this post helps them in finding the cost of the gold day to day in grams

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